I took my 15+ year old cat to the vet today because she has become increasingly emaciated. She and her littermate have been a part of our family since they were wee little kittens who had barely opened their eyes.   I knew the news wouldn’t be good and it was as I feared.  She has end stage renal failure.  She won’t be in this world much longer.  I realized once again, “Cherish that which you take for granted.”  Death teaches us how to live and  it seems we continually relearn this lesson throughout life. We go about our daily lives and barely give notice to those who surround us until the day comes when we’re left with memories, because the familiar is no longer with us.   My husband and I will ensure her departure is painless.  But most importantly, when she draws her last breath we’ll be there with her surrounding her with our love.  I pray her spirit will fly free, free from pain and with the knowledge she is loved.


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